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How and Why to Record GODPARENTS in Your Family Tree

VIDEO PODCAST by genealogist Lynn Serafinn on how and why to record godparents in your family tree. Pros and cons of two different methods.

In Catholic baptisms, every child has at least one godparent, but most typically two (a godfather and a godmother). Not every family historian bothers to record these godparents’ names in their family tree, and even those who do might not be making the best use of the information they can glean from them.

Occasionally godparents will have a family connection to the parents, and they can sometimes lead us to discover information about the family we didn’t previously know. But even when they do not have a familial connection to the child, hunting down godparents can frequently help us uncover otherwise undiscoverable information about our ancestors — especially those born before the beginning of the parish records. But how do you do this?

In this 40-minute video, I cover: 

  1. WHY you would want to record godparents in your tree.
  2. Types of INFORMATION you can discover by looking at godparents.
  3. EXAMPLE of how many people record godparents, and why I do not use that method.
  4. EXAMPLES of how I record godparents and why.
  5. A look at an old BAPTISMAL RECORD from the 1500s.
  6. Example of doing a ‘GODPARENT REVIEW’ to try to identify an unknown mother of the children.

Kindly excuse the momentary screen blackout near the beginning of the video. I only noticed it after I uploaded it to YouTube.

I hope you find this video informative, and that it will help you in your research. I welcome your comments and questions below. Alternately, feel free to send me an email via the contact form on this website. 


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Lynn Serafinn, genealogist at Trentino Genealogy

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Lynn Serafinn
Genealogist at https://trentingenealogy.com
26 January 2024

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